It’s the Most Boostiful Time of the Year! 🎄✨

27th November 2023

Join Boost in spreading holiday cheer with “It’s the Most Boostiful Time of the Year!”. This festive celebration brings a trio of mouth-watering smoothies, each crafted to infuse your taste buds with the magic of the season.

🎄 Raspberry Lychee Crush – Embark on a flavour journey with the Raspberry Lychee Crush, blending the sweetness of raspberries, strawberries, and lychees with the refreshing touch of mango nectar, sorbet, and ice.

🎄 Green Tea Pineapple – Indulge in the exotic charm of the Green Tea Pineapple smoothie, a fusion of mango, pineapple, green tea, tropical juice, vanilla yoghurt, sorbet, and ice.

🎄 Cranberry Sleigh – Sleigh into the festivities with the Cranberry Sleigh, a merry mix of cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, tropical juice, strawberry yoghurt, vanilla yoghurt, and ice.

This trio is available only for a limited time only, so go on and spread the joy and savour the season with these delightful smoothies. ‘Tis the season to Boost your spirits and treat yourself to the most wonderful sips of the year!