Opening Soon at Shoreline Mall

26th February 2024

Opening soon at the brand-new Shoreline Mall in Sart City! 💚 We are so excited to blend you there and can’t wait!

“The Shoreline Mall will currently be the largest retail facility in Malta. Designed by Haskoll, a leading architectural firm in Europe who have been appointed to create one of the best retail practices of its kind in the Mediterranean basin, one of the key elements is a huge glass atrium which enables natural light to illuminate the heart of the Mall on both floors. With around 44 separate outlets, as well as a food court and a number of pop-up retail spaces, The Shoreline Mall will offer customers an eclectic mix of retail, leisure, entertainment and catering – all situated in a safe, clean and unpolluted car-free environment just on the water’s edge – and is expected to become one of the premier destinations in the Southern part of Malta.”