Super Fruity

06th January 2023

Being weighed down by all the Christmas and New Year indulgence you’ve eaten? It’s time to enjoy delicious Super Fruit smoothies chock-full of antioxidants, fibre and vitamins! Cold, sweet and creamy, these smoothies will make you feel so good!

Acai All Day – Acai, banana, tropical juice, muesli, vanilla yoghurt & ice
– Original: 344Kcal ; Medium: 321Kcal

Keen For Green – Banana, mango, kale, spinach, coconut water, coconut milk, honey, sorbet, vanilla yoghurt & ice
– Original: 314Kcal ; Medium: 239Kcal

Wild Blueberry – Blueberries, lychees, tropical juice, sorbet, vanilla yoghurt & ice
– Original 322Kcal ; Medium 260Kcal

What are you waiting for? Try one or try them all! Head into Boost today and say hi.